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Please call Paul Wan on 01483 502083 to discuss your needs or for an appointment.





It is advisable that you do not come for treatment if you are hungry or have just eaten a large meal.


The initial consultation will take approximately one and a half hours of your time. This will include a treatment if consent is given. Follow up treatments will take approximately one hour.  

During the initial consultation you will be asked about your current symptoms, what treatment you have received and your medical history. You will also be asked other health questions, for example, about your diet, digestive system, sleeping patterns and emotional state so that any underlying problems are identified and treated simultaneously with the main complaint if consent is given. 


A blood pressure check is made, your pulse quality is felt on both wrists and your tongue is visually inspected as this is an integral part of Chinese Medicine diagnosis. It would be helpful for diagnosis purposes if you do not brush your tongue before coming for treatment.


The acupuncture points used may not always be close to the part of the body where you experience the problem, for example, although you might suffer from headaches, needles may be inserted in your foot or hand.


If possible, wear loose clothing and it is useful to bring a list of your current medication.